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May 18, 2005

2005 Conservation Tillage Farm Tours   (June 16, 8:00 AM 4:00 PM)


This year's conservation tillage (CT) conferences, sponsored by the UC/NRCS Conservation Tillage Workgroup, will feature tours of San Joaquin Valley cotton, tomato and dairy forage farms using a wide range of conservation tillage practices. CT 2005 continues the tradition of providing state-of-the-art information on CT systems being evaluated throughout the Valley.

Two different tours will be offered. Both meet and load buses at the UC West Side Research and Extension Center in Five Points. One heads to CT cotton and tomato farms; the other will take participants to CT dairy forage farms.

At each stop, farmer hosts, CT workgroup researchers and private sector collaborators will discuss practical, economic and resource conservation aspects of the CT systems. Register early!

Tours meet/load buses at: UC West Side Research and Extension Center, Five Points, CA, 8:00 AM

Cotton & Tomato CT Tour

Bob Prys
Borba Farms, Riverdale
CT Cotton and Wheat

Jim Couto
Couto Farms, Kerman, CA
CT Cotton and Wheat

Steve Fortner & Fred Leavitt
Sun Pacific Farming, Firebaugh, CA
CT Tomatoes and Cover Crops

Alan Sano & Jesse Sanchez
Sano Brothers Farm, Firebaugh, CA
CT Tomatoes, Cotton, and Cover Crops

Paul Goodman
Goodman Farms, Dos Palos, CA
CT Cotton

Michael Cannon
Bolles Farms, Dos Palos, CA
CT Cotton

Daniel Burns
San Juan Ranch, Dos Palos, CA
CT Narrow Row Cotton

Dairy Forage CT Tour

Andy Rollin & Tom Barcellos
Rollin Valley Dairy, Burrell, CA
Barcellos Farm, Tipton, CA

Andy Zylstra
Zylstra Dairy, Hilmar, CA

Mark Ahlem
Ahlem Dairy, Hilmar, CA

Ron Soares
Riverdale, CA


  • Conservation Tillage Workgroup
  • USDA
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service

Lunch will be provided. PCA and CCA credits applied for

Registration materials will be distributed in early May, 2005 or are available at the website of the CT Workgroup. For additional information contact: Jeff Mitchell 559-646-6565

Workgroup website: