Jeffrey P. Mitchell
Extension Specialist

Department: Vegetable Crops, UC Davis
Location: Kearney Agricultural Center
Telephone: (209) 891-2660
Fax: (209) 891-2513
PhD, Plant Biology, University of California, Davis. March 1995.
MS, Vegetable Crops, University of California, Davis. December 1988
BA, Philosophy, Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA. June 1974.

General Research Interest Statement:

My work addresses water management, resource use efficiency and postharvest product quality aspects of integrated vegetable production systems.

Research Interest Pertaining to SAFS Project:

I am interested in contributing research-based information on soil/plant water relations and organic amendment and rotation effects on soil quality in vegetable cropping systems. My work in this project will focus on evaluating management effects on water use efficiency and soil physical characteristics.

Selected Publications:

Mitchell, J.P., C.D. Thomsen, W.L. Graves and C. Shennan. Submitted 1995. Cover crops for saline soils. J. Agron. and Crop Sci.

Mitchell, J.P. 1995. A cropping systems approach to improving water use efficiency in semi-arid irrigated production areas. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California, Davis. 137 pp.

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Mitchell, J.P., M.J. Singer, T. Prichard, D. Peters, D. May, R.O. Miller, D. Munk, C. Shennan, C.J. Phene and J.D. Rhoades. 1995. Cover crop incorporation and gypsum applications to improve soil physical properties in salinized soils. Proceedings 1995 California Plant and Soil Conference. Agricultural Production/Environmental Concerns: New Paradigms. Visalia, CA.

Mitchell, J.P., C. Shennan, D.M. May, T. Prichard andD. Peters. 1992. Using cover crops to improve soil physical properties and stand establishment in cyclically salinized soils. pp. 181-190. In Proceedings of the Third National Symposium for Stand Establishment in Horticultural Crops. Gainesville, FL. November 16-22, 1992.

Mitchell, J.P., C. Shennan and S.R.Grattan. 1991. Developmental changes in tomato fruit composition in response to water deficit and salinity. Physiological Plantarum. 83:177-185.

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