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Spring/Summer 2005 - Vol. 5/No. 3


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Welcome to the Spring 2005 Sustainable Agriculture Farming Systems (SAFS) newsletter. The SAFS project began in 1988 at the main UC Davis campus and moved to a permanent site at UC Davis’ Long-Term Research in Agricultural Systems (LTRAS) experiment fields west of campus in 2003. We are pleased to continue working with the statewide UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (SAREP) on outreach, including our newsletter, Web site and other products.

In this issue we address the profitability of the alternative farming systems we’re investigating, based on the 2004 cropping season results. We also provide information on conservation tillage and cover cropping’s effect on the amount and quality of water from winter runoff and summer irrigation return. The articles continue our efforts to provide useful information on economically and ecologically sustainable research and management practices for California growers. Please join us for our June 23, 2005 field day for further updates on our research.

–– Will Horwath

Table of Contents